CHICKY STICKs – Wholesome Crunchiness MkII 1Kg


100% natural, wholesome crunchy dried chicken feet. A whopping 1 kilo bag of them!!

Alongside DUCK NECKs, CHICKY STICKs are giving PADDLE STICKs a good run for their position as the coveted Number 1 all time favorite when it comes to natural dog treats.

Purchase all three and see which is their favourite, favorite!! We’d love to hear what they have to say! We’ll even reward them with a tasty gift if you send us a pic of them enjoying their favourite and you allow us to share it on our Facebook page!!

No added anything to these wholesome crunchy treats.

A good source of chondroitin to help support joints, reduce inflammation and joint pain associated with arthritic conditions and aid in movement.

Your dog will absolutely love CHICKY STICKs and they will get the tails a-wagging!

Typical Analysis:

Protein: 40.5%
Oil & Fat:34.2%
Crude Ash: 16.49%
Moisture: 6.3%

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A close contender and runner-up for the prize as the number 1 favourite treat with all dogs!

Our range of natural dried treats will truly have your dogs begging for more.

Crunchy, tasty and all natural – complete bliss!

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Weight 1 kg

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